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Stat Project free essay sample

In order to figure out how variables relates to each other and the connections among the variables, or one can predict the other. I will choose three quantitative variables or two quantitative variables and one categorical variable on each pairs. I will also use graphs of scatter plots; regression and correlation to understand that how one variable affect other two variables. There are six groups below: Group one: High School Percentile (HSP), Cumulative GPA (GPA), and ACT Composition Score (COMP) a) HSP vs GPA b) HSP vs COMP c) COMP vs GPA From graph a, we can find out that there is moderate positive liner relationship between HSP and GPA; the correlation is 0. We will write a custom essay sample on Stat Project or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 552; the equation of regression is GPA=0. 0163928*HSP+1. 84804; the slope is 0. 0163928 which is positive; when the predictor variable HSP increase, the response variable GPA also moderately increase; for instance, when HSP increase by 1, GPA will increase 0. 0163928. From graph b, there is also weak positive liner relationship between HSP and COMP scores; the correlation is 0. 357; the equation of regression is COMP=0. 069129*HSP+18. 3131; the slope is 0. 069129 which is positive; when the predictor variable HSP increase, the response variable COMP scores also weakly increase; for example, when HSP increase by 1, the COMP scores will increase 0. 069129. From graph c, there is another weak positive liner relationship between COMP scores and GPA; the correlation is 0. 342; the equation of regression is GPA=0. 0524047*COMP+1. 243; the slope is 0. 0524047 which is positive; when the predictor variable COMP increase, the response variable GPA also weakly increase; for example, COMP scores increase by 1, the GPA will increase 0. 0524047. Based on the graphs and data which I got, I think there are only a little relation among HSP, COMP scores and GPA. I can find out a student with high HSP, has high GPA and high COMP scores; the student with high COMP scores has high GPA. Group Two: ACT math score (MATH), ACT English score (ENGLISH) and Cumulative GPA (GPA) a) MATH vs GPA ) ENGLISH vs GPA c) ENGLISH vs MATH From graph a, we can see that there is weak positive liner relationship between MATH scores and GPA; the correlation is 0. 307; the equation of regression is GPA=0. 0395427*MATH+2. 12892; the slope is 0. 0395427 which is positive; when the predictor variable MATH scores increase, the response variable GPA also weakly increase; for instance, when MATH increase by 1, GPA will increase 0. 0395427. From graph b, there is also weak positive liner relationship between ENGLISH scores and GPA; the correlation is 0. 45; the equation of regression is GPA=0. 0411408*ENGLISH+2. 11295; the slope is 0. 0411408 which is positive; when the predictor variable ENGLISH scores increase, the response variable GPA also weakly increase; for example, when ENGLISH scores increase by 1, the GPA will increase 0. 0411408. From graph c, there is moderate positive liner relationship between ENGLISH scores and MATH scores; the correlation is 0. 475; the equation of regression is MATH=0. 440334*ENGLISH+13. 2567; the slope is 0. 40334 which is positive; when the predictor variable ENGLISH scores increase, the response variable MATH scores also weakly increase; for instance, when ENGLISH scores increase by 1, the MATH scores will increase 0. 440334. According to the graphs and data, I can find out a student who has high English score and Math score also has high GPA and the student with high English score has high Math score. Group Three: Cumulative GPA (GPA), age (AGE) and Total Credits Earned (CREDITS) a) AGE vs GPA b) CREDITS vs GPA c) AGE vs CREDITS From graph a, we can see that there is a weak negative liner relationship between AGE and GPA; the correlation is -0. 103; the equation of regression is GPA=-0. 0240245*AGE+3. 55195; the slope is -0. 0240245 which is negative; when the predictor variable AGE increase, the response variable GPA will weakly decrease; for instance, when AGE increase by 1, GPA will decrease 0. 0240245. From graph b, there is weak positive liner relationship between CREDITS and GPA; the correlation is 0. 106; the equation of regression is GPA=0. 00141886*CREDITS+2. 94831; the slope is 0. 0141886 which is positive; when the predictor variable CREDITS increase, the response variable GPA also weakly increase; for example, when CREDITS increase by 1, the GPA will increase 0. 00141886. From graph c, there is a strong positive liner association between AGE and CREDITS; the correlation is 0. 668; the equation of regression is CREDITS=11. 7475*AGE-174. 356; the slope is 11. 7475 which is positive; when the predic tor variable AGE increase, the response variable CREDITS also strongly increase; for instance, when AGE increase by 1, the CREDITS will increase 11. 7475. There are some outliers may affect the correlation. Based on the graphs and data above, we can find out a student who is older with a litter lower GPA, but has very higher credits; the student with higher credits also has high GPA. Group Four: ACT English Score (ENGLISH), ACT Composition Score (COMP) and Age (AGE) a) AGE vs ENGLISH b) AGE vs COMP c) ENGLISH vs COMP From graph a, we can see that there is a weak negative liner relationship between AGE and English scores; the correlation is -0. 042; the equation of regression is ENGLISH=-0. 0814809*AGE+24. 469; the slope is -0. 814809 which is negative; when the predictor variable AGE increase, the response variable English scores will weakly decrease; for instance, when AGE increase by 1, GPA will decrease 0. 0814809. From graph b, there is weak negative liner relationship between ENGLISH scores and COMP scores; the correlation is-0. 038; the equation of regression is COMP=-0. 0584814*AGE+24. 6029; the slope is -0. 0584814 which is neg ative; when the predictor variable CREDITS increase, the response variable GPA also weakly increase; for example, when AGE increase by 1, the COMP scores will decrease 0. 0584814. From graph c, there is a strong positive liner association between ENGLISH scores and COMP scores; the correlation is 0. 843; the equation of regression is COMP=0. 65656*ENGLISH+8. 43327; the slope is 0. 65656 which is positive; when the predictor variable ENGLISH scores increase, the response variable COMP scores also strongly increase; for instance, when ENGLISH scores increase by 1, the COMP scores will increase 0. 65656. According to the graphs and data above, we can find out a student who is older with a litter lower English and Comp scores; the student with higher English score has very high Comp score. Group Five: Quantitative variables High School Percentile (HSP), Age (AGE) and a categorical variable Sex (SEX) a) HSP vs GPA (both sex) b) HSP vs GPA (males) c) HSP vs GPA (females) From graph a, we can see that there is a moderate positive liner relationship between HSP and GPA; the correlation is 0. 552; the equation of regression is GPA=0. 0163928*HSP+1. 8408; the slope is 0. 0163928 which is positive; when the predictor variable HSP increase, the response variable GPA will moderate increase.

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Asian Theatre essays

Asian Theatre essays Asian theatre is comprised of more than one geographic area. It consists of India, China and Japan. Each brought their own uniqueness to Asian theatre. Asian theatre as it pertains to China will be discussed in this chapter. Ancient Chinese chronicles mention other theatrical activities such as skits, pantomimes, juggling, singing and dancing. This serves as an indication that there were early Chinese versions of popular entertainment. During the Yuan Dynasty, China was ruled not by a Chinese emperor but rather by a Mongol. There was an outbreak of drama in the Yuan Dynasty. Yuan drama was usually written in four acts. Usually the leading character sang all of the music in any given act. The poetic content in these plays was considered the central factor in their success. One of the most famous plays that have survived from this period is The Romance of the Western Chamber, by Wang Shifu. Also, by this point both males and females alike were performing on stage. Chinese theatre in the Ming Dynasty, which came when the Mongols were overthrown after the Yuan Dynasty, brought back traditional social behavior. A Chinese emperor was restored to the throne during this time. Dramatists reverted to writing only for the elite, and theaters lost contact with the broad public. Lute Song by Gao Ming was a best known play of this time. It dealt with questions of family loyalty. In particular it dealt with a husband leaving his wife abandoned. Beijing Opera was formed from elements of folk theater and other genres popular among ordinary people. It was originally called Peking Opera because for many years it was known westerners as Peking. It is not like the grand opera of the west. It combines music and theater, but is also based on dance and even acrobatics. The theater arrangement for these operas are like a modern dinner theater. The audience has dinner and drinks as the performance goes on. The costumes and ...

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Business Law for Australian Taxation Administration

As per the given case, Ms Anstis has claimed a deduction in the i e tax payable against her youth allowance i e. The ATO has denied providing her with such deductions. Ms Anstis filed before the federal court of Australia and got an order in favor of her. The ATO filed an appeal before the High Court of Australia. The Australian Taxation Administration is dealing tax system in Australia. As per the TA Act 1953, the ATO acts as the executive body under the legislation and regulate the behavior of the tax payers in the country. The Australian Taxation Office is the main revenue collection body of the Australian government. The ATO is the statutory body of the government who has been given the power under the Australian Taxation Administration Act, 1953 to collect taxes in different tax system within the country (Alghamdi et al 2016). The ATO has the responsibility to execute and implement the tax system within the country and any other matter related to taxation and collection of government revenue within the country. As an executive body the ATO is to execute, implement and regulate the tax system within the country and regulate the behavior of tax defaulters and evaders in the country (Vann 2016). The ATO is an executive body formed under the Taxation Administration Act of the country. The parliament has given authority under the Act to formulate certain policies and regulations for the day to day smooth running of the taxation system in the country (Tran-Nam and Walpole 2016). ATO does not make statutory enactments but has the power to make rules and regulations under the taxation system in Australia. ATO engages and involves with other taxation departments on policy matters relating to tax and excise. The ATO has been granted with power by the government to instruct the OPC to prepare legislation which the ATO deems fit and necessary to administer the taxation system within Australia (Braithwaite 2017). How does this case reflect the interaction of the different bodies under the separation of powers doctrine? As per the given facts of the case there is an involvement of all the three tiers of the government. The three tiers of the government are the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. The Australian Federal Parliament and the state legislature are the legislative body that makes laws on the taxation system within the country (Smith et al 2016). The ATO is been delegated with the power of governing and administering the taxation system within the country. The ATO is the executive body of the three tier system of the government. Whereas the Federal Court of Australia and the High Court is the judicial body of the country who decide matters in dispute. In this given case, the ATO has power to determine the tax system and High Court has the power to interpret the laws made by the parliament. Thus all three tiers are separate from each other. However, all three tiers of the government has something mon to each to keep a check n the powers of other body. As per the case, here the judi ciary by interpreting the law has check on using the absolute power on the general people of the country (Long Campbell and Kelshaw 2016). What is the significance of the High Court decision in terms of tax law as it is applied within Australia? The significance of the High Court’s decision on the given case is that the High Court has the power to determine that the lower court has given the appropriate judgment as per the facts of the case. Alghamdi, A. and Rahim, M., 2016. Development of a Measurement Scale for User Satisfaction with E-tax Systems in Australia. In  Transactions on Large-Scale Data-and Knowledge-Centered Systems XXVII  (pp. 64-83). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Vann, R.J., 2016. Hybrid Entities in Australia: Resource Capital Fund III LP Case. Tran-Nam, B. and Walpole, M., 2016. Tax disputes, litigation costs and access to tax justice.  eJournal of Tax Research,  14(2), p.319. Braithwaite, V. ed., 2017.  Taxing democracy: Understanding tax avoidance and evasion. Routledge. Smith, F., Smillie, K., Fitzsimons, J., Lindsay, B., Wells, G., Marles, V., Hutchinson, J., O’Hara, B., Perrigo, T. and Atkinson, I., 2016. Reforms required to the Australian tax system to improve biodiversity conservation on private land.  Environmental and planning law journal,  33(5), pp.443-450.  Ã‚   Long, B., Campbell, J. and Kelshaw, C., 2016. The justice lens on taxation policy in Australia.  St Mark's Review, (235), p.94. With a decade's experience in providing essay help,

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Methodology and appendix for How to successfully Market Sport Research Paper

Methodology and appendix for How to successfully Market Sport Nuitrition for Females in London - Research Paper Example In order to maintain good health status of children and adolescent youths in school based programs, strategies such as integration of school food services and nutrition education, regular training of the staff, family and community on matters related to importance of nutrition need to be followed to the later. The school based programs in most occasions contributes a lot in promoting lifelong healthy eating internationally. A recommended nutritional strategy contributes to prevention of pre-mature deaths in United States of America. The national health promotion and disease prevention objective in U.S.A encourages schools to provide nutrition learning from preschool to higher level. Various methods have been used to promote nutrition for females in U.S.A to improve the health status of the children and the adolescent youths (Levine & Zahradnik 2012, p.30) The purpose is to examine food advertising and marketing stations used to target U.S.A children and adolescent youths. Generally, the fundamental movement skills such as jumping, striking, catching among others forms the basis for future sports services growth and for life long enjoyment of physical activities among the females and the adolescents youths (Marcelo & Pihdo 2006). FMS identifies various stages of improvement of the fundamental movement skills. On the other hand, FMS provides safe games among the youths where they learn various important skills that help in improvement of the physical system nature of the youths in order to promote the nutritional nature. Ethical decisions within the communities varies with the varying in ethical believes. The community involved need to contribute to the nutritional status of their young ones. MED also involves in determining the challenges of the moral situations. US in the past decade have used most of the public schools as the venues of advertising and

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Union Grievance Process Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Union Grievance Process - Research Paper Example Union Grievance Process â€Å"A grievance is defined within a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). In general, a CBA may establish that a grievance arises when an employer violates a provision of the CBA, state or federal law, or "past practice"†(Johnson). More precisely, grievance is a written complaint registered by the employee about his employment right violations. This paper analyses various dimensions of union grievance process. Even though the term collective bargaining is quiet familiar to us, it was first used by the renowned economist Sidney Webb in 1891. However, the term collective bargaining gained prominence in the nineteenth century when trade unions were started to evolve in organizational world. Since grievance is accommodated within the CBA’s, the case of grievance or Union Grievance Process was also evolved along with the CBA’s. In fact, by 1944 the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that 73% of all labor contracts in America contained arbitration clauses and by the early 1980’s that figure had grown to 95%. The purposes of grievance procedures are; â€Å"To resolve disputes arising in the workplace, To provide contract interpretations, To protect the employees' and union's negotiated contract rights, To establish precedent, To ensure uniform treatment of employees, To maintain relative peace in the workplace†(Processing Grievances, p.502). It is difficult for an employee to work positively if he feels that some of his employment rights were disallowed by the employer. Same way it is impossible for the employer to ensure better productivity from the employees if the employer fails to keep positive relationships with the employees. Grievances help both the employer and the employee to settle their issues and strengthen their cooperation for mutual benefits. In other words, grievances are not only beneficial to the employees, but also to the employer. In most of the cases, employee will try to settle the issues with his employer directly or individually. However, in some cases, it c ould be difficult for the employee to argue present his arguments successfully in front of the employer. For example, if an employer dismisses or suspends an employee without genuine reasons, it is difficult for the employee to convince the employer with his arguments. If the employee is a trade union member, he will try to solve his problems with the help of the union, in such circumstances. When a trade union, negotiates with the employer to solve the problems of an employee or group of employees, the process will be referred as union grievance process. â€Å"The grievance process enforces the collective bargaining agreement, which establishes the memberships' terms and conditions of employment† (Johnson). Grievances are taking place in all the departments of an organization even though the details of some of them could be kept confidential. Union grievance process consists of certain procedures. The case of union grievance process begins when an employee approaches his imm ediate supervisor with a problem, dispute or employment right violation complaint. â€Å"If an employee brings forward an alleged violation of the collective agreement, the

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Catcher In The Rye Essay Example for Free

Catcher In The Rye Essay A journey is more than a physical movement from one place to another. All journeys no matter how arduous entail setbacks and barriers that must be met. In doing so the traveller experiences a more significant inner journey of self growth. This is evident in the journey from adolescence to adulthood during which setbacks and barriers may entail a loss of innocence. J. D Salinger’s novel the Catcher in the rye explores this concept through various literary techniques. ( thesis) Loss of innocence as a major issue within the concept of a rites of passage is explored by J. D Salinger through the protagonist Holden Caulfield. His journey appears to be one self destructive act after another. This adult world into which Holden is forced into disturbs him profoundly. In his view, the adults who dwell this world, seem to be filled with phoniness, pretence and social compromise. He finds it almost intolerable to communicate with most adults and peers. This is prevalent throughout the book when he constantly brings up the question of what happens to the ducks in winter. The adults’ response to this recurring question is of contemn and expectation to know the answer, therefore never giving him an adequate explanation. This clearly demonstrates how his innocent mind conflicts with this phony adult world, and his response, is to rebel against this whole society. â€Å" quote† Holden expresses his rebellion through his inability to progress in life and his hatred of people. It is really only in children that he sees the true simplicity of honesty- and that is his escape from this adult phony world. Salinger portrays the transition from adolescence to adulthood as a quest for self identity and self discovery. For Holden however, his journey is a bombardment of obstacles in his search for connection with others, thus highlighting the angst of growing up. Holden finally breaks down with the constant disappointments and let downs he encounters. â€Å"quote ans technique† From his fight with Stradlater to Maurice’s exploitation of a prostitute, to Mr Antolini’s behaviour, Holden just cannot handle any more letdowns so his odyssey is one of loneliness and cynicism. An example of this is when Holden abruptly gives Sally an ultimatum to leave their current lives behind and build a future without the promise of stability. Sally’s refusal to this proposal results in Holden lashing out at her hence elucidating Holden’s naivety. And, just like a kid, he thinks that everyone is to blame except for him. The inability to meet setbacks and barriers and accept a loss of innocence within the jouney from adolescence to adulthood will inevitably lead to ones downfall. The deliberate irony is that Holden strives to act as a grown up but constantly acts like a child is seen in his provocation of his peers and his irrational thinking. â€Å"quote † The title of the book, â€Å"Catcher in the Rye,† is more than just a pretty ditty. It is Holden’s dream to be the catcher in the rye, thus save little children from falling off the cliff into adulthood. Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all. Thousands of little kids, and nobodys aroundnobody big, I meanexcept me. And Im standing on the edge of some crazy cliff. What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliffI mean if theyre running and they dont look where theyre going. I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. Thats all Id do all day. Id just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know its crazy, but thats the only thing Id really like to be. Holden is adamant on playing the adult role of protecting children and their innocence that gets lost in the adult phony world. He envisions protecting and shielding children from the evils of society, when he himself is one who is in a state of conflict between adolescence and adulthood. However, it is through the telling of his story that Holden eventually gains control of his disturbed past. His search for self identity and discovery can be seen as a search for tolerance, acceptance and understanding- something that he finally experiences in the final scene with Phoebe riding the carrousel. When he see’s Phoebe on the carrousel, he accepts that he is not a child anymore indicating that he is perhaps more accepting of change. Towards the end, Holden has found some wisdom when he claims to â€Å"sort of miss everyone. † There was some light for him at the end of the tunnel- and that light is hope and acceptance that he doesn’t live in such an evil world that he made out to be. Holden wants desperately to protect this idealistic life but perhaps he realises at the end that it is not possible and that maturity is a means of accepting what life throws at one. How he deals with obstacles along the way conveys Holden’s journey from adolescence into adulthood.

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Hunger Issues in the World :: World Hunger

â€Å"There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread† – Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist World hunger is one of the biggest problems faced in this world today. About 24,000 people die every day, and most of these deaths are faced by children under five. Even though there is a lot of food in the world, some people in the world can’t access these foods because of poverty. About 1/10 of the world population suffer from chronic hunger every year. Because of the hunger problem, the majority of people suffer from blindness, anemia, malnutrition related problems and other diseases because they are not getting enough diet. There are lots of countries facing hunger issues in the world. Most of the hungry countries are undeveloped countries and some developing countries. Some of the hungry countries are, D.R. Congo, Somalia, Burundi, Eritrea, Mozambique, Zambia, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Most of the hungry countries are located in Africa. Out of all these countries Somalia is hungriest country in Africa, and followed by Haiti in Central America. The main reason why there are lots of hunger crisis in Somalia is because of the natural resources were destroyed by the civil war. Another reason is numerous amounts of drought and flooding. But one of the main reasons that Somalia is hungry is poverty. Their per capita GDP per year is $500. Since their natural resources were destroyed by the civil war, they can’t grow sufficient food. So, the food gets transported from other countries the food prices increases every day. Many people in the country are poverty that means that they can’t buy enough food to feed themselves because it is too expensive. The second hungriest country in the world is Haiti. Some problem it faces that leads to hunger is 80 percent of people live in poverty. Most of their natural resources were destroyed by hurricanes, floods, and tropical storms. An additional reason why Haiti is hungry is because they have weak government. Bibliography United Nations World Food Program (WFP), Oxfam, UNICEF. â€Å"Hunger and World Poverty† January 2007. . Found online Sunday, December 13, 2009 The State of Food Insecurety in the World 2003, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation; UN World Food Program; U.

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Effects of capitalism

Capitalism West has been an important destination in American history. First it was a discovering target for Louis and Clark, later it became a spot for people to seek riches in gold rush. Whether it was for money or establishing settlement west has become an important place for American people. For these reason, one of the family who moved out west were the loads. During 1930's, Midwest was hit hard by the great- depression. And to aggravate these effects dust bowls were sprawling all over Midwest. The Joads were immensely devastated by these conditions in ‘The Grapes of Wrath' by John Steinbeck.First the author shows how the all over Midwest families were the target of dust bowls because the land was over used and crops weren't rotated. Because people couldn't grow their own crops, they had to borrow money from lenders, only to end up in debt they couldn't pay. Since the debt wasn't paid their land was taken away by the banks and corporation leaving them without Job or income . To coup this process The Joads decided to head out west looking for an opportunity to feed their family. But their hopes will be overturned by the misery that awaits them. In chapter 19 of ‘The grapes of wrath', Steinbeck summarizes howCapitalism has left man-kind to turn Inhuman. During the 30's the rich were becoming richer and poor were becoming poorer. There was a distinct line between upper and lower class. Whether it is Oklahoma or California, the wealthy showed no gratitude for the poorer. In Oklahoma the banks wanted to make profits from land by combining thousands of acres together. Same situation applied in California. But the land in California was stolen from Mexicans by the early â€Å"tattered feverish† squatters. Steinbeck uses distinct diction to assert that early settlers in west can be compared with incoming Okies.As time went on, these squatters' children had lost their lust for land. Even though their forefathers had earned the land through hostili ty, But for newer generation â€Å"the hunger was gone, the feral hunger, the gnawing, tearing hunger for land†. Author uses this run on sentence to explain how the lives of the land owners were effortless, because hunger is one of the instincts that motivates mankind. Since their predecessor had left them wealthy, the owners didn't value the land. These owners had distinct themselves from farming. They had lost their lust for â€Å"a shining blade to plow it, for seed and a indmill beating its wings in the air†.Steinbeck uses imagery to demonstrate the importance these tool would hold for a farmer, but the owners did not recognize them because they had separated themselves from farming. Since their connection with land is lost, the owners turned their attention to making money and profit. Steinbeck illustrates the shift from man-power to machines during the 30's. One man on tractor can replace twelve families on a farm. With this revolution the man shifted from a farm er to a ‘shopkeeper' and ‘manufacturer'. This transition made the land owners less sympathetic to land.Farming is no longer their main occupation because â€Å"the crops were reckoned in dollars, and land was valued by principal plus interest†. Steinbeck compares rich owners with banks in Oklahoma. The owner no longer tarmed tor teeding their tamily or tor survival, but tor making solely profit. In contrast of rich owner the Okies only want to farm to feed their family and for their love of land. Steinbeck shows the owners in California had become so powerful â€Å"crop failure, drought, and flood were no longer little deaths within life, but simple losses of money'. But this reason would be death within life for a farmer in Oklahoma.If a farmer had experienced crop failure or drought, it could mean they had to go into debt for feeding their family. The banks took the land from the farmers because of the debt. This resulted in mass migration from Midwest to Calif ornia. Since the rich owner treated farming like industry, they did not care for their workers. Steinbeck shows that the â€Å"Owners followed Rome†. He compares the migrants with slave because the owner gave low wages only enough for surviving and not living. This shows the greediness of the farm owners. This also portrays the affect that capitalism has had on the rich owners.In ‘The Grapes of Wrath', Steinbeck shows the unpleasant conditions of working class during the 30s. During those times people from Midwest suffered socially and economically. Thousands of people migrated west to seek a better life, only to be left devastated. In difference from the misfortune farmers, the banks and rich land owners took advantage of new machine age to increase their wealth and profit. This in turn lead to industrial farming and left the farmers Jobless. It shows the selfishness of upper class and hardship of the farmers. The result of capitalism led to a chaotic situation between landowners and the poor.

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  The United States prides itself on being the epitome of a successful free market society, with its democratic ideals working in perfect conjunction with its capitalist economy.   Additionally, it also bases much of its existence on the freedom of religion, though government leaders still take many measures to ensure that their particular religious beliefs take precedence over secularism.   However, like few other countries on the planet, the U.S. could succeed as a communist nation if it were to adopt a few of Karl Marx’s simple precepts and abandon some of its current practices.With its increasingly secular population and views, as well as its democratic ideals that lend themselves well to the collectivization encouraged by communism, the United States could completely remove God from consideration in the country’s legislation and create a strong social welfare system that protects workers and the poor far better than current standards allow.While religion is f irmly protected in the Constitution, the freedom from religion is just as important, though often ignored.   Politicians often rely on their religious beliefs and voting populace to propose religiously-oriented legislation, most of the time despite the widespread secular ideals of most Americans.   A current example of this is stem cell research, which is firmly opposed by President Bush and many religious factions and politicians who foist their views of morality on the rest of the country that believes stem cell research is in the best interests of human progress.While morality has its place in society, reason can lead to just laws that most can agree upon, and religious sentiment should not be involved in legislation or its opposition whatsoever.   For Marx, religion is a type of illusion, used to control the populace, as well as to retain the power structure of those at the highest levels of society.   In America, this can be seen in the powerful sway that religious fact ions have on politicians, even in spite of an increasing secularization.Marx was a fervent supporter of social criticism, and he believed that the criticism of religion was foundation of all social criticism.   In his view, he found it to be a type of illusion.   Marx believed that man makes religion, not vice-versa, and in creating God in his own image, man had â€Å"alienated himself from himself† (Marx, 1978/1848, p. 53).   This means that man has created a greater being in contrast to himself, reducing himself to a despicable creature that needs both the dogma of the church and the laws of government to guide and control him.Marx described religion as the, â€Å"sigh of the oppressed creature, the sentiment of a heartless world, the soul of soulless conditions,† adding that religion was â€Å"the opium of the people† (1978/1848, p. 54).   In the United States, religion is afforded all kinds of special protections, including tax breaks that surely cos t the country billions of dollars a year.   Religious institutions receive donations from their constituents and are not required to pay anything to the federal government.In a Marxist America, provided that religion is still protected by law, the first step would be to tax religious organizations as any other company.   Perhaps once religions are taxed the same as any other organization that makes money and owns property, the next natural step will be that they no longer have the power sustain themselves and people will be free to pursue a life free of religion, and therefore free of illusion.To Marx, religion prohibits man from realizing himself as the center of his existence, an in place, creates an environment in which religious belief dictates his action.   Men can never be free, as long as they accept their existence as subservient beings, indebted to an omnipotent Supreme Being or organization dedicated to perpetuating belief in such a thing.   Marx believed that if r eligion were abolished human beings would overcome their self-inflicted alienation.   The abandonment of this illusion, in Marx’s view, could be one of many crucial steps mankind towards advancement.After religious sentiment and the power the religious factions hold over the populace has been displaced, America will be more receptive to other aspects of Marx’s communist philosophy.   While it may be a difficult task to ask those with great wealth and influence to sacrifice either, including corporations that virtually run the country, but it is necessary to create the kind of equality promised by democracy, and guaranteed by communism and withheld by the inequality of capitalism.   Marx claimed that in a capitalist society the struggle between the working class, or proletariat, and the ruling business class, or bourgeoisie, would eventually end in the formation of a new society, a classless society: â€Å"Society can no longer live under this bourgoeisie, in oth er words, its existence is no longer compatible with society† (1978/1848, p. 483).Corporations and individuals with immense wealth would be required to sacrifice a significant portion of their wealth to contribute to the overall health of the proletariat.   Even if someone like Bill Gates was required to hand over ninety percent of his wealth, he would still have hundreds of millions of dollars left.   When one considers that a salary of fifty thousand dollars a year is considered not only adequate to live in the United States, but decent, it signifies that the disparity in wealth created by unchecked capitalism.   The situation created by the immense disparity of wealth also contributes to what Marx sees as an increased alienation between the people of the nation, and in the U.S., this situation has become apparent in recent years as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.This contributes to the classes become hostile towards each other in Marx’s estimation: â€Å"Freeman and slave, patrician and plebian, lord and serf, guild-master and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes† (1978/1848, p. 483).   Though class struggle in America has largely been relegated to race struggle, which is almost the same considering that most racial riots center around impoverished people looting, the potential exists for further complications if the wealthy in America are not willing to compromise and share the wealth.   Alienation even exists in America between men and women, where women are notorious for making significantly less money than men.   In a communist society, women would no longer be relegated to quasi-second class status.A communist America would not only provide more opportunities for workers, but would also help relations between different races and genders.   Amongst the many little-known facts about the philosophies of Karl Marx, was his support for women’s liberation in a time when they did not share the privileges of men.   He believed that this would encourage greater equality within societies, therefore making life better for the society as a whole.   More than a century ago, many years before women were allowed to vote in the United States, Marx wrote of his views towards women’s rights.In the modern bourgeoisie society, Marx explained in so many words, that women in a capitalist system were nothing more to men than another instrument of production.   Men, who controlled the world as wells as it’s productive forces, also controlled women.   Because the instruments of production are to be exploited, women are exploited.   With the abolition of the bourgeoisie society, women would be free from every form of prostitution, public or private.   For the Communists, there was, â€Å"no need to introduce community of women; it has always existed almost from time immemorial† (1978/1848, p. 488).But traditional capitalistic values make this fact all but impossible to notice, and in the United States, the quiet discrimination against women, largely inspired by the centuries of dogmatic religious misogyny, would be eliminated, and along with it, the alienation felt between people.   Otherwise, further alienation between people will take place.Marx applied this idea of alienation to private property, which he said causes humans to work only for themselves, not for the good of their species.   Because capitalism has its roots in private ownership, he felt that it created an environment, ripe for greed and avarice to develop: â€Å"The bourgeoisie keeps more and more doing away with the scattered state of the population, of the means of production, and of property† (1978/1848, p. 483).   Ã ‚  The control imposed upon the proletariat by the bourgeoisie in the United States reflects many of Marx’s fears, as people fall under the sway of Walmart, utility monopolies, and media confusion.   This state prevents man from focusing on cooperating, and maximizing their potential, whereas a Marxist society would be one that would provide for all.A communist United States is a highly unlike, but possible if certain segments of the population are willing to listen to reason and make certain sacrifices.   Religion is a key in building the foundation for a communist society, as the religious organizations that enjoy tax protection must be treated equal to other companies.   Corporations and individuals must be willing to make sacrifices concerning individual income and pay a significant amount of taxes to help those less fortunate.After all, it makes little sense to keep one’s neighbors hungry.   And, though communism has been considered revolutionary for over a hundred years, a communist revolution in America can begin only with the conscientious objections of the working class.   Anyone with ample reason would be able to see the benefits of helping their fellow man, and the benefits of pooling the nation’s collective talents towards a common goal.   In the end, it relies on those that are currently oppressed to make their voice be heard and heed the clarion call of Karl Marx: â€Å"WORKING MEN OF ALL COUNTRIES, UNITE!† (1978/1848, p. 500).Works Cited:Marx, K. (1978/1848). Communist Manifesto. The Marx-Engels Reader. Trans. Tucker, R.C., Second Edition. New York: W. W. Norton.

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How to Find Writing Assignments As a New Freelance Writer

How to Find Writing Assignments As a New Freelance Writer Any person who decides on a freelance writing career has to start at the beginning. I mean starting out with no clips of their work, no endorsements, and an uncertainty of where they are going to find an offer to write. I’m sure you have read many stories about new writers dealing with questionable companies and websites that offer ridiculously low sums of money. How then should you go about getting those great first assignments? I started out like everyone else with no previous articles and was basically unknown when I was offered my first writing job. And I didn’t look for the job . . . the company came to me. I started out writing a blog and making sure that several social media sites saw my work. I linked my articles to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and many other social websites. The goal was to place each article where it made the most sense. If I wrote a parenting topic, Mommy Bloggers got a link. If I wrote about blogging itself, there were a few blogging groups on LinkedIn that would see my article.   In fact, it was because of those articles on Linkedin that I landed my first job. A company saw what I was writing on a LinkedIn group, saw how people in the group were interacting with what I wrote, and decided I would be a good fit for them. They asked me to write a 300-500-word article on a financial topic. My very first assignment, and it landed $65 in my pocket. I had no clips. I hadn’t even been a guest writer on another website. Of course that might just be considered a lucky break.   What should you do if you aren’t being approached Once you have been writing and sending out articles for a while, your next step is to ask for the job. All of that social networking hopefully has created a strong following of readers. Take the time to write to these readers and ask if you can be of assistance to them. Look through your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn  contacts and take a look at the company they work for and what their job title is.   If they seem to be a decision maker, who might hire the freelance writer and more importantly, need a freelance writer, I email them. I let them know what I feel I could do for their company. Suggest writing blog articles or a press release for the company. Make sure your offer makes sense to the person you write to. If you have knowledge about finance and you are writing to a financial company, tell them what your background is and why you would be a great choice for writing their articles. Personally network with people in your community. Join your local Chamber of Commerce, the PTA or even a writing group through Meetup. You never know who has a need for your skills or who might have great advice where to seek a job. Finally, if you feel more comfortable starting your career Writing Sites: Journalism Freelance Writing Writer I hope the information provided helps you out in your own career.

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CCEI083W Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

CCEI083W - Essay Example I also maintain good communication with my preschooler’s parents in order to guarantee their well being. Finally, I ensure that I am in a good position to discuss problematic behaviours of my preschoolers with their parents in a positive, helpful manner. In order to encourage family involvement in classroom activities, I encourage parents to be clients of the program. This grants them a chance to say what they like or do not like about the program. They also offer bright ideas by acting as clients to the program. Also, I request the parents of my preschoolers to volunteers to some of the school programs. For instance, I ask some of the parents to help in serving snacks for students or contribute toys that they think might help their children learn. Finally, I have included myself on the teacher-parent association in order to contribute to the local politics that parents bring up concerning their children’s learning. Through this, I share with the parents the importance of their children’s learning. I support the relationships of my preschoolers and their families by incorporating both classroom activities and home activities that include both the student and their parents. Such activities ensure that they children and their parents have worked together to complete the assignment. For instance, during sports day, I ask the parent to run for a designated distance while carrying their infants. I give my students assignments concerning their parents, whom they have to ask in order to complete it. Such assignments include briefly describing what your mother or father does at work or how their parents’ childhood was. I also provide a diary for parents to sign to ensure that their child has completed his/her homework given. This will ensure that the parent has checked to ensure that the homework was tackled successfully. Whenever parents to my preschoolers’ parents are in school, I

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Case study and 3Questions Help me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Case study and 3Questions Help me - Essay Example The converse position isn’t really converse from Carr’s argument; it merely addresses the issues on a more singular level. To revisit the railroad analogy, having the technological tracks already set, as evidenced in diverse strands of computer and internet technology, company’s now must focus on more precise and finely-tuned technological measures in order to gain a competitive advantage. While these measures don’t carry the aplomb of the initial IT infrastructure (as Carr indicates) they nevertheless are essential measures (as the article argues). Again, this question seems to be one primarily concerned with semantics. Few business leaders would acknowledge that information technology is useless in the sense that the article presents it. The real question should be to what extent a fundamental infrastructure has been established and to what extent can one even continue to speak of a unifying concept of ‘information technology’. While General Electric and Intel surely have a number of overlapping information technology concerns, when it comes to specific instances of information technology there are areas of great divide. Surely, advances in information technology when applied strategically and competently no doubt result in business advantages; for instance the CEO of General Electric states, â€Å"We tend to get a 20 percent return on tech investments, and we tend to invest about $2.5 billion to $3 billion a year.† 3. What are several ways that IT could provide a competitive advantage to a business? Use some of the companies mentioned in this case as examples. Visit their websites to gather more information to help you answer. A review of GE’s website reveals their extensive breadth of business involvement. Their involvement in producing media products particularly stands out as an instance where they could implement information